Role IQ


Welcome to the standard for measuring success in technology roles. Finally you and your team members can see if you have the skills you need to succeed at your jobs, and what you need to work on to get to the next level.

Chaos to Clarity

Move from chaos to clarity

Role IQ shows you and your team members which skills you need to succeed, where skills gaps exist and what you need to work on to reach role mastery.

Speed up success

Speed up success

Discover the skills gaps holding you back in your role and fill them fast. Role IQ recommends learning opportunities to help you reach the next level and prepare for projects without slowing down progress.

Build teams

Build teams you can count on

Feel confident your organization can reach your most important objectives. With Role IQ, you can upskill your teams into modern tech roles, customize roles for initiatives like cloud migration and cybersecurity, and benchmark proficiency across the business.

What is Role IQ and how does it work?

Role IQ quantifies your technical proficiency in a specific role. By measuring your knowledge in relevant skills, Role IQ tells you what level you're at and shows you what skills you need to work on to build your expertise.


1. See where you stand

Pick your role and complete the relevant skill assessments.


2. Get your Role IQ

Once you’ve completed each related skill assessment, you’ll receive your Role IQ, which tells you your level of technical proficiency in your role.


3. Improve your skill

Based on your Role IQ, we'll recommend learning opportunities to help you fill skills gaps and get to the next level.


4. Rock your role

Retake the skill assessments related to your role to see how you've grown.

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