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8 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have Got to know

sábado, 21 de setembro de 2019

8 Latina Rappers Whose Music You Have Got to know

Think “Latinas in hip-hop,” and you also’re prone to conjure up pictures of curvaceous movie vixens than rappers slaying it — however the the fact is Latinos have actually existed in hip-hop from the inception. In reality, as hip-hop scholar Raquel Z. Rivera reminds us inside her guide brand new York Ricans Through the Hip-Hop Zone, the songs and dance bears just as much resemblance to African-American designs like blues and jazz because it does to Puerto Rican musical types like bomba and plena. Eventually, hip-hop tradition is inherently Puerto Rican culture.

A lot more than four years following its genesis, Latinas of numerous nationwide and social identities have actually already been part of hip-hop. From rappers like Trina and Hurricane G to artists that are latin-American Ana Tijoux and Arianna Puello to reggaetoneras like Ivy Queen to graffiti musicians like Maria “TooFly” Castillo, and DJs like Angie Martinez and Jasmine Solano, Latinas are connected with every section of the tradition. Listed below are simply eight up-and-coming Latina rappers deserving your instant attention.

1. Nitty Scott, MC

Being an unsigned, separate musician, 24-year-old Nitty Scott, MC, has headlined her very own national tour, done within the cypher in the BET hip-hop prizes and, of late, had been endorsed by Sprite in a NBA All-Star campaign. A poet-turned-rapper, Nitty’s rhymes — about psychological state, intimate punishment, and females empowerment — are poetry-driven, exactly just exactly what she calls “conscious storytelling.” The Rican that is half-Puerto Brooklyn emcee’s strongest musical impacts consist of designers like Mos Def, Stevie Nicks, and Sam Cooke. (mais…)