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Cam Modeling and “Future Making love”

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Cam Modeling and “Future Making love”

Emily Witt’s (2016) reserve Future Sex chronicles her seek out intimate self-realization as a New Yorker in her early 30s migrating to tech-centered SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. The book is based both in interviews and personal experiences, stringing vignettes collectively into chapters with topics including polyamory, Orgasmic Yoga, Internet porn, and Burning Man. In this particular review, I emphasize her chapter on sex camming.

But first, I’ll start with a wide overview. A major theme in the reserve is the kind of existential angst that comes from having too many choices. Witt feels daunted by her sexual freedom as a millennial—the limitless range of sexual partners and practices—first made possible by the intimate revolution, and then by the web. She (p. 12) points out:

What if love failed us? Sexual freedom had now extended to the people who never wished to shake off the old establishments, except to the extent of displaying solidarity with friends who do. I hadn’t sought so much choice for myself, so when I found myself with total intimate freedom, I used to be unhappy.

Witt spent her early adult life attempting to find enduring love—and perhaps even relationship—observing this as a getaway from the routine of causal intimate arrangements, sometimes punctuated by intervals of monogamy, that has up until now defined her intimate life. But Witt’s wishes conflict with the world she inhabits, as Millennial sexual norms privilege freedom over security in associations. She (pp.11-2) explains why security remains appealing, even as the web opens a lot more options:

The growth of sexuality beyond marriage experienced brought new reasons to trust the traditional handles, reasons such as HIV, enough time limitations of fertility, the delicacy of feelings. Even while I settled for freedom as an interim state, I planned for my monogamous destiny. My sense of rightness, after the failed experiments of earlier generations, was like the reconstructions of a baroque national monument that was demolished with a bomb but another kind of freedom had showed up: a blinking cursor in unfilled space.

In questioning these new intimate configurations where freedom prevails, Witt echos what social theorists Anthony Giddens and the late Zygmunt Bauman respectively describe as “pure relationships” and “liquid love.” Both authors claim that the perfect of unconditional commitment has been supplanted by continuous negotiation and the criterion of mutual benefit. And, even in coupling, personality remains central.

Missing a secure, dedicated relationship in the old mold, Witt pieces out to explore the likelihood of fulfillment (or, at least, self-knowledge) in less standard situations. As works out, it is in the chapter on “Live Webcams” that Witt does the most theoretical work to clarify why seeking diverse encounters—the project of the book—might assist in her quest for sexual self-realization. In particular, she points for an essay in the reserve Time Square Red, Times Square Blue by the gay African-American author Samuel D. Delany about the time he spent having anonymous sex in porno theaters. Witt (p. 126) summarizes the article:

Delany explaind the advantages of his vast experience in informal sex. The movie theaters had served as laboratories where he had learned to discern the nuances and spectral range of his sexual desire… His observations about intimate attraction regularly disproved regular notions of beauty and ugliness. (He uncovered, among other proclivities, that he previously something for Burly Irish-American men, including two who acquired hairlips.)

She quotes Delany who suggests we must “figure out how to find our own way of having sex sexy” and concludes:

I don’t observe how this is accomplished without a statistically significant variety of partners… However supportive, the response of an individual partner just cannot do that. This is a quintessentially sociable process…

Unlike Delany, Witt (p. 204) mainly lands back where she began, finding monogamy rewarding however now embracing a perfect of commitment as temporary:

I hope that married relationship would stop to be observed as a totalizing end point and instead become something more moderate, perhaps am institutional basis for distributed endeavors such as raising children or making art.

But this go back to a somewhat standard notion of love proves to be the most interesting aspect of the reserve. Witt’s thinking about the freedom and variety of experience available to the present generation seems to evolve. Rather than seeing the nearly infinite range of sexual opportunities as daunting, Witt eventually ends up viewing it as an opportunity to test until one discovers confidence and seems affirmed in their own desires. She (p. 204) says:

I found that… mostly I needed to reside in a global with a wider range of intimate identities. I hoped the primacy and legitimacy of an individual intimate model would continue steadily to erode as it offers, with increasing acceleration, before fifty years.

Though she does not state it so explicitly, I’d argue that Witt has uncovered a fascinating dialectic between freedom and security. Though freedom to explore may aid us in discovering what we should find sexually desirable, exploration may, paradoxically, lead to security in one’s set up sexual desires, when new experience constantly prove less gratifying and therefore reaffirm the appropriateness of those desires.

And, while last chapter amazing things off a little, I think the desirability of embracing this stress between freedom and security is the clear (if unstated) conclusion of the reserve.

Third , theme of sexual exploration as a system of self-realization, I now want to carefully turn to the question of what camming teaches Witt about her own sexuality (and what we should can learn about camming in the process). Witt (p. 114) represents her experiences with the popular camsite Chaturbate:

I first saw Chaturbate and the countless other live-sex-cam sites available online as porn… as the technological advancement of peep show booths and phone sex lines. Like those, they had a performer plus they acquired a voyeur… I QUICKLY spent more time on the website.

As she dives deeper in to the site, Witt establishes that the resemblances she observed between cam sites and other types of sex work/performance were only superficial. The diversity and interactivity of cam sites arranged them aside.

Chaturbate was filled with serendipity… the feeling of clicking through the 18+ disclaimer into the starting matrix was the one of turning on MTV in the mid-1990s, when music videos performed most of your day and kept audiences captive in the expectation of the favorite performer or a fresh discovery. Or possibly, to reach farther back in time, it recalled the sooner times of the Internet—the web of strangers rather than “friends.”

Witt’s decision to approach her subject matter through the lens of her own desire—as described in the first portion of this review—demonstrates both interesting and difficult in this chapter.

What makes Witt’s approach interesting is that, in bypassing the favorite rooms that she mainly finds uninteresting, she will take us to the margins of the sites, looking for the unforeseen. This consists of an Icelandic girl who strips putting on a rubber horse mask and fedora. Within a passage consultant of her snarky but appreciative style, Witt identifies (pp. 112-3):

maybe it was the home that she is at or her hi-def camera or an over-all feature of the Icelandic people but even faceless she gleamed with the well-being that emanates wherever per-capita consumption of seafood oils is high and residents reap the benefits of socialized health care.

Witt also identifies a college-age women who talked about books and made $1,500 performing a 24 hour marathon that highlighted much talking, some nudity, no sex. A 3rd woman suspended herself from a hook manufactured from ice. And another woman held nude sex ed discussions.

Taking a cue from one of her interviewees, Witt identifies the intended use of site—a couple of performers broadcasting to numerous audiences in each room—as “mass intimacy.” But, the most interesting part of the chapter was Witt’s exploration into a culture that has surfaced around using Chaturbate to facilitate unpaid, anonymous, 1-on-1 sex.

Assisted by two performers that she interviewed, she “multiperved” or “audio-Skyped with each other while sifting through videos online” (p. 124). Jointly, logged on to browse the countless webpages of men streaming but being watched by nobody. She describes (pp. 124-5):

not the most popular men, instead clicking through to the next and third web pages for the true amateurs, the forest of men in table seats… It turned out that they waited there for a reason… in order that they will find somebody who will cam-to-cam with them…

Witt (and her guides) come across a man she finds somewhat attractive, and she chats with him. The man quickly invites her to carefully turn her cam on. She obliges and creates a password-protected room so only he can easily see her. While Witt does not seem to get the encounter particularly rewarding, she (p. 125) possesses some insight in to the value others find in the experience:

here, where hopes resided in the chance of an electric encounter between two people, tokens mattered much less. If, on its landing page, Chaturbate was thousands of men watching a few women, a few web pages in, the numbers changed to 1 or two different people using Chaturbate to interact privately with someone else.

Witt’s experience highlights a really interesting case of technology being utilized against the grain. It really is a rougish activity for users to seek non-transactional personal or sexual encounters on sites whose revenue come from viewers purchasing tokens. While these websites afford such activity , nor prohibit it, they do not intend or explicitly condone it either. It is, perhaps, due to this absence control that sites prefers Chaturbate remind Witt of the earlier Web.

While Witt’s examination of the margins of camming sites is uncovering, she also, probably, fails to signify most of the proceedings these sites and is even relatively dismissive of the popular performers. Because she targets her wishes as a thirty-something NYC article writer, Witt sometimes shows a hipster bias, where, if something isn’t odd or edgy, it’s not seen as deserving attention.

Witt is also not a joiner. Her desire to test as part her own search for sexual self-realization, drives her visit many places; but, generally, Witt does identify or feel a sense of owed with the individuals she satisfies. She seems to participate only at a distance, viewing others as topics just as much as associations. Witt (p. 172) describes her own romantic relationship to a sex party she attends, saying “I was still thinking of myself as only a visitor, or rather neither here nor there, someone executing an abstract inquiry but not yet with true intention.” This distancing is valuable insofar as it brings with it a degree of objectivity (almost every other things written about Orgasmic Mediation, for example, sound like marketing duplicate); however, it does mean she’s struggling to offer an insider perspective through her personal narratives.

What’s missing in the section on camming—due to some mixture of her hipster bias and insufficient personal experience—can be an examination of the many measurements of creative labor that goes into producing night time the most normative-appearing shows. Had Witt tried modeling herself, this would be readily apparent. The seeming ease with which models embody normative wishes is part of the work—area of the performance of authenticity.

A most troubling second is when she uncritically relays one of her interviewee’s characterization of the top performers as “zombie hot girls” (p. 124). This privileging of the weird in porn feeds some sort of whorearchy, where certain types of sex work/practice are denigrated as a way of validating others.

Witt certainly is not consciously anti-sex work. In the last chapter, in fact, she offers a great deal of compliment for the artistry women porn directors and manufacturers, and she spends a significant time questioning her own values designed by mainstream feminism and considering more inclusive feminisms that accept sex employees and porn as a medium. And, quite insightfully, she argues very much fetish porn is a response or response to new taboos create by anti-porn feminists.

Nevertheless, Witt does not seem to extend the interest and regard she’s for women-directed studio room porn to the women-directed performances of popular cam models. I believe they have unique insights and interesting stories to inform.

Irrespective of these few criticisms, Witt gets one key thing right: The continuing future of sex cannot be reduced to a story of technological development but must be realized in conditions of changing patterns of human relationships. She (p. 210) concludes “America acquired a lot of respect for future years of objects, and less interest in the foreseeable future of human agreements.” For that reason only, Future Sex probably deserves more attention.

Jasmin Reviews – Bust or Growth?

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

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ULust reviews

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